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Have been trying to contact the owner of this file for the name of the font used. Not having any luck. Would like to put grandson’s name on the back of the shirt using same font.

Not what I expected

Considering I was expecting to purchase an actual SVG not a super blurry image that I felt was taken off the internet and sort of cleaned up. I had to do all the cleaning and colour separation. Definitely not what I should have needed to do considering I paid for it. I could have done all that with the image they took off the internet too and tried to pass as their own!!

Great SVG

Fast download, bright and accurate colors. Easy to work with. Son in law loved what we made him!

Girl Go Karters

I did this on a shirt for a friend of my daughter's who does go-karting. She is the only girl in the league and is in the top 10. She absolutely loved it!! It was a win and will most likely end up doing a few more for some girls.

Sometimes I wet my plants.

Loved doing this and turned out beautiful. Caused many a smile from friends.

Lines not Clean

The lines for the text were not very clean and didn't always match those of the other layers which took some time to do manually.

Unexpected error

Purchased this file for my sons bday gift,placed on shirt,gifted it to my son. He then pointed out to me that there was an error in the spelling,last line.
"I saw it no the internet" should it be "i saw it on the internet "
Will have to redo tbe gift 😪

Great Design

I love the design. Thank you for making it.

Love it!

Absolutely love this design. Very easy to work with and looks amazing on!

Love it

Great design, was a gift, they were thrilled. Happy with results, would use again

Great design!

Silhouettefile was better than expected in the quality of the site, the ease of use, and the quality of the designs we received.


my friend loved her rerirement gift

Great design!

I used this svg to make shirt for my husband, & it turned out great. Everyone loves it.

Worked perfect!

Great quality! Thank you!


I live it no

Spelling error

Really annoyed! Just noticed that there's a mistake in it :( it should be LET'S not LETS!

It was ok

I liked the design but it didn’t allow you to change the name. Since the file was titled, welcome to our camper “family name”, I assumed that section was able to be edited but I was wrong. I had to use my software to cut and then add the correct family name. This caused the fonts to be different because I wasn’t able to identify the font used in the original file. After some work of my own I was able to make this meet the customers request!


Wednesday is spelt wrong, Friday is missing

Amazing gift

I made this SVG I made this svg into for my brother and sister in law for tbier birthdays they loved it! Easy to weed clean design!

Perfect for a Card

Made a cute card for my nephew.


Loved the svg...used it to make a kitchen towel for a friend in a gift pkg. will be using it again for other gift pkgs....

Saying is so true!

Great graphics and saying.