Silhouette File User Guide: HOW TO OPEN .ZIP FILES?

Before use it you should extract the .Zip folder. If you already know how to use this file onto your cutting machine like cricut, silhouette, design space, etc, no need to read this guide anyway.

After a successful purchase you will be able to download our file in a .ZIP (compressed) folder

A. For our Mac users, easy pruning to open a zip file.

  • Located the zip file and double click on the file
  • Your zip file will be extracted to a folder in the same location of the original zip file.
  • You can delete the zip file, if you want (I have a file hoarding program and keep ALL THE FILES!)

Q. HOW TO OPEN .ZIP FILES on Windows 7 and Windows 10?
A. If you have Windows 7 or Windows 10 – here is how to open a zip file:

  • Right click on the zip file and choose “EXTRACT ALL”
  • Choose where you want the zip folder to be extracted
  • Click the “EXTRACT” button to start unzipping (or extracting the zipped files)
  • Your zip files will now be located in the location that you selected
  • You can delete or keep the zip file – your choice!

Q. HOW TO OPEN .ZIP FILES on Windows XP and Vista?
A. Windows XP and Vista users, here is how you open a zip folder on your computer:

  • Double click on the zip file
  • Next, click on “EXTRACT ALL FILES” link
  • An Extraction Wizard will open – click “NEXT”
  • Choose where you want your unzipped folder to go
  • Click “FINISH”
  • You can now find your unzipped files in the location that you selected.
  • You can delete or keep the zip file.

Q. HOW TO OPEN .ZIP FILE on your phone, tablet (mobile)?

  • Unzip Files from Apple / iOS

iZip App – zip or unzip files via this ios app.

  • Unzip Files from Android

RAR App – tried and true app to extract zip files and to zip files.

  • Websites to Unzip Files